EU Project Planning

We help you to plan and develop robust and effective European projects that respond to the effect of the EU Commission's funding priorities.

We accompany you step by step in all European project phases:

  1. monitoring the most suitable European funds to finance your project idea;
  2. feasibility analysis;
  3. selection and activation of the partnership;
  4. strategic and financial planning of the project;
  5. development and production of all the necessary management tools;
  6. planning and budget development and project timesheet;
  7. compilation and review of project files;
  8. profiling and application of the application form;
  9. follow up and negotiate with the managing authority


National projects

We develop project proposals in national and local level from a careful analysis of context and in line with the specifications required by customers.

We manage and monitor each step of the process:

  1.   research and industry analysis;
  2.  development of benchmarking;
  3.  definition of specific objectives and results;
  4. creation of the partnership;
  5. budgeting and economic feasibility plan;
  6. preparation of the plan for dissemination and promotion;
  7. processing of the monitoring and evaluation plan.


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